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mm slide & negative scanning plus the transfer to digital format (CD or DVD) - based in Essex

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Preserving your



Converting your Slides & Negatives to Digital Images

How we bring your slides and negatives back to life...

... from just 50p per slide!

Most digital images that you will see online are 72 ppi (pixels per inch). This is the way your computer reads the image gives the image it's online digital size.

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We scan your image with a professional Minolta slide and negative scanner - built purely for this purpose - at a resolution of
2,400 ppi.

This produces a very large image and gives us the best possible quality to 'zoom in' for image correction.

Cleaning and Enhancement (dust and scratch removal)

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Once we have the slide or negative as a digital image, we can then start the process of cleaning and enhancing.

This task is carried out manually in Photoshop, using an experienced, keen eye and Photoshop's complex array of adjustment layers and filters.

Final Process

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Once dust and scratches have been removed, the last part is to bring the whole digital image's size down to a usable level (the original scan can be up to 60mb in size).

This largely depends on your requirements for the image of course. We will generally save images at 12 x 8 inches and at a resolution of 300ppi for printing.